Factors that affect the cost of education

There is no going around this, the cost of education is quite high. Today, most students are graduating with tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of loan debt and in most cases, the students have loan payments of thousands of dollars monthly which last for many years. This can be devastating as a student is forced to work for many hours after college in order to be able to service the loan. This article outlines the main factors that make the cost of education high.

The Cost of Education

The type of degree

One of the major factors is the type of degree one chooses to pursue while in college. All other bhvgcxfactors held constant; an associate degree costs much less compared to a bachelor’s degree. Professional grad school such as medicine and law can cost as much as $200,000. The cost of an associate degree is about $5,000, which explains why an associate degree is so popular.

A person taking up an associate degree can go to school for a few years, get the required skills, look for a well-paying job and if they want to, go back to school for a few more years to get a bachelor without borrowing money as they can pay the fees using the salary. This college plan makes a lot of sense, and it is worth considering as it helps to reduce the overall cost of education.

The type of institution attended

The other factor that affects the cost of education is whether you school in a private or a public institution. The tuition fee in a private school is much higher compared to public institutions, but his does not mean that they are considered elite. The private institutions are more expensive because they do not get any subsidies from the government. The public institutions are supported using the taxpayer money by the government which explains why their tuition fees are much lower.

njbhvugcyThere are other factors that affect the cost of education like the living arrangement. Living with parents can be quite cheaper especially if you live near the school than getting a dorm or an apartment. However, the two factors that play a major role in determining the cost of education are; the degree being sought and whether the institution is private or public.

The high cost of education is certainly a major concern to most parents and in order to reduce it as much as possible, you know the two areas that make the biggest difference…

Bright Prospects For Job Seekers In The US


Over the past few years, US job market prospects have been terrible with the economy gradually recovering from the depression. Over the past year, the indicators for the job availability in the US have some good news to report. Companies are now hiring more workers than ever before, and for the first time in 15 years, some months such as April and July 2015 had over 5.4 million new jobs available.

Good News

The good news from last year was that companies were not just hiring, but there was a notable fgrhtjydecrease in the number of employees being laid off. One can, therefore, say that the American economy is on a healthy growth trajectory based on the employment numbers. It is important to note that some industries had more job openings than others. Job seekers, therefore, need to prepare themselves to fill the positions available in these industries. However, the wages have remained stagnant for a long time, a factor that the rebounding economy should attend to.


Another important sign that there are vacancies available is to be found in the number of workers voluntarily quitting their jobs. The fact that someone chooses to resign from their employment means that they have either identified a better job or business prospect out there. During depressed economic periods, people are forced out of work by layoffs.


Some industries created more jobs than others over a period of 90 days. Registered nurses were in high demand with the industry creating over 220,000 new jobs in the third quarter of 2015. Over the same period, there was a huge demand for computer systems analysts with at least 109,000 new jobs being created. The computer system analysts were employed at a decent annual pay ranging from $83,000 to $100,000.

Web developers were also in high demand keeping in mind that every business needs an online presence. The sector created over 88,000 new jobs in the quarter.


rgtyhmjWith the retail industry experiencing a healthy growth, there was a need for more first-line supervisors and managers of retail stores. During the third quarter of 2015, at least, 83,000 new supervisory and management positions were created in the retail industry.
In keeping with the trends, computer-related jobs were in high demand. Computer software application engineers were in high demand with the economy creating and absorbing at least 71,000 new employees. With transport driving the economy forward, it is no surprise that truck drivers were in high demand. Over the period, there were over 69,000 truck job vacancies that needed to be filled.


Based on the above figures, it is clear that the prospects for the job availability in the US look bright for job seekers and those looking to change jobs.…